A foggy path is a metaphor for poor role clarity in the workplace

Is Poor Role Clarity Damaging Your Organization?

Poor role clarity lowers productivity and negatively impacts an organization’s culture. Through purposeful organization design, we can drive empathy in the workplace and improve business results.

Organizational implications of digital transformation – Partner Ecosystems

A Winning Partner Ecosystem Starts with Organizational Alignment

Building partner ecosystems – and aligning organizations to maximize their success – can be a valuable tool in today’s changing marketplace.

Be sure to populate your redesign team with the right people

Populate Your Redesign Team with the Right People

Having a strong team in place can make the difference in achieving a successful organization redesign. These tips can help you determine what characteristics to look for in redesign team members.

HR can be part of the Agile revolution

Three Things HR Can Do to be Part of the Agile Revolution

Learn three ways HR can help drive a company-wide implementation of Agile ideals and practices.

Teams sometimes struggle with the principle of commonality

Does Your Team Share the 3 Key Principles of Commonality?

Through creating a common understanding, common language, and a common operating picture, you can create the organizational commonality that will help your business achieve its desired results.

Alignment leader creating the conditions for team success

Build Effective Teams Through Alignment Leadership

Alignment leadership impacts more than organizational performance. Executives who are Alignment Leaders® can also set conditions to create more effective teams.

Alignment leader and change partner working together for organization redesign success

Organization Redesign Success Starts with this Dynamic Duo

Two key roles provide the basis for a successful organization redesign project. Learn how strategic partnerships between Alignment Leaders® and change partners can ensure positive transformations.

Learning agility is the key to building a great team

Learning Agility: Key to Building a Great Team

Building an organization design team? Evaluate candidates’ “learning agility” – their ability to master new skills and find new solutions.

Executives can lead teams to success with effective change management.

Effective Change Management: 4 Ways Executives Can Lead Teams to Success

Executives that can look beyond their own self-interest to prioritize the needs of the organization as a whole will achieve greater success.

Do you use consistent leadership or Agile leadership?

Consistent Leadership vs. Agile Leadership: What Kind of Leader Are You?

Is your leadership style more agile or consistent? Understanding your personal tendencies will help you to select the right people for your team and to work with them in the most effective ways.