Organizational implications of digital transformation – Partner Ecosystems

A Winning Partner Ecosystem Starts with Organizational Alignment

Building partner ecosystems – and aligning organizations to maximize their success – can be a valuable tool in today’s changing marketplace.

HR Leader working with a Change Partner

Partnering for Change: An HR Leader’s Perspective on Working with a Change Partner

These tips can help organizations work effectively with a change partner to maintain alignment, find effective ways to drive strategy and achieve a successful transformation.

Alignment leader and change partner working together for organization redesign success

Organization Redesign Success Starts with this Dynamic Duo

Two key roles provide the basis for a successful organization redesign project. Learn how strategic partnerships between Alignment Leaders® and change partners can ensure positive transformations.

In business, use these key phrases to drive change conversations during a transformation

Three Key Phrases That Can Drive Change

For Alignment Leaders and Change Partners who want to be more effective in leading their change initiatives, here are a few key phrases to help start conversations.

Successful organizational transformation change partners

Four Essential Practices for Becoming a Successful Transformational Change Partner

In a recent post, we explored the role of the change partner as an essential facilitator who helps alignment leaders initiate and maintain organizational alignment. The change partner not only provides critical feedback and support to the leader, but is also responsible for much of the heavy lifting throughout the

The Only Constant [in Business] is Change

If you feel like you are in constant change without the benefit of results, you are possibly not planning your changes strategically and with your organizational design in mind.

To Reach Strategic Goals, Two Heads are Better than One

Behind every great Alignment Leader is a great change partner, who is there to assist with implementation of organizational change and help fully realize those efforts.

Change Partner as Coach: A Crucial Role in Change Transformation

By asking good questions and relating appropriate stories and experiences, a change partner can help leaders make the best decisions to keep their organizations on track to successful change transformation.

Choosing Change Agents

Choosing Change Agents: It’s Not All About Position

One of the keys to success in an organization transformation is having the right people involved. Before any of the work can be done around planning and implementing change, it’s important to gain clarity on the roles involved and who will fill them. A common assumption in organizations when choosing

Neuroscience of Change

The Neuroscience of Change Influences Organization Transformation

Change management is a complex affair. Successful organization change requires a thorough understanding of past and current market conditions, organization structure, and operational efficiency. But perhaps the most important thing change leaders must grasp is the way the human mind reacts to change. Leaders new to change management are often