Three Tips For Getting Organized During a Restructuring

These tips can help you organize your restructuring effort and give your team a roadmap to guide them successfully through changes.

Strategy Implementation Your Customers Can Feel

How do you deliver an unforgettable customer experience that differentiates you from competitors? Make sure you’re facilitating strategy implementation your customers can feel.

Is Ambiguity Making Your Organization Less Effective and Efficient?

Is Ambiguity Making Your Organization Less Effective and Efficient?

These six suggestions can help resolve ambiguity in the work place by addressing the areas of possible organizational misalignment.

Organizational implications of digital transformation – Partner Ecosystems

A Winning Partner Ecosystem Starts with Organizational Alignment

Building partner ecosystems – and aligning organizations to maximize their success – can be a valuable tool in today’s changing marketplace.

Harness leadership alignment to drive organizational change

Harnessing Leadership Alignment to Drive Organizational Change

Learn how to increase leadership alignment, collaboration and partnership within teams implementing organizational change.

Link your revenue model to your strategy

Linking Your Revenue Model and Your Strategy

When leaders think about the elements of their strategy, they should review each offering to determine if it leads to more sales or greater profit margins. If it doesn’t contribute to the revenue model, a refocus might be in order.

Successful organizational transformation change partners

Four Essential Practices for Becoming a Successful Transformational Change Partner

In a recent post, we explored the role of the change partner as an essential facilitator who helps alignment leaders initiate and maintain organizational alignment. The change partner not only provides critical feedback and support to the leader, but is also responsible for much of the heavy lifting throughout the

Eliminate anti-metrics that disrupt organizational performance and focus on the "metrics that matter".

Metrics that Matter: Eliminating “Anti-Metrics” That Disrupt Organizational Performance

Aligning metrics with organizational strategy and desired behaviors helps you achieve optimal results. Make sure “anti-metrics” are not interfering with organizational success.

Executive considering how to maintain organizational alignment during difficult times

Maintaining Organizational Alignment in Difficult Times

What is most important in structuring your organization for the post-crisis future? A successful comeback requires strong, positive, transparent leadership and good communication.

Improve your competitive advantage by embracing complexity.

The Competitive Advantage of Embracing Complexity

By strategically absorbing complexities for its customers, a well-aligned organization can provide elegantly integrated and customized solutions. Inspiring your team’s shift from a “product focus” to a “solution strategy” will lead to an improved competitive advantage.