Functional design teams mitigating risks and bridging silos.

Reaping Benefits, Mitigating Risks in Functional Structures

Functional design provides extensive benefits as well as challenges. To optimize the structure, leaders should ensure that functions operate within scope and that cross-organizational silos are bridged.

Overcome organizational silos with linking mechanisms

Dueling Departments? Overcome Organizational Silos with Linking Mechanisms

Does your organization have departments that always seem to be at war? Learn how to use linking mechanism to eliminate organizational silos and enable the success of your company’s strategy.

Linkages are used for more efficient organization design

Using Linkages for More Efficient Organization Design

Linkages are a key aspect of every organization design that leaders should carefully examine to help their organizations be more successful.


Fine-tune the Linkages in Your Organization Structure

Formal organization structure gets a lot of attention from leaders and organizations, but an often under emphasized aspect of structure is linkages.  Linkages are the informal mechanisms or structures that facilitate decision making, resource sharing, and work coordination across organizational boundaries. They are often necessary because the formal structure of


Linkages: Leveraging this Hidden Structure in Your Organization

By taking the time to plan the linkages you can avoid wasting a lot of resources trying to adjust your formal structure to deal with what could easily be addressed in your company’s informal structure.