Matrix Organization

Architecting Your Matrix Organization for Marketplace Success

So, you’ve determined that a matrix organization aligns with and will drive your strategic objectives.  Now what? How do you design the best matrix organization for you? Setting up a matrix may seem simple—determine where the solid and dotted reporting lines go and send out an email.  If our recent

Evaluate and Diagnose Problems in Your Matrix Organization

Although matrix organizations are not new, they can remain puzzling even to the most seasoned executives. How can you recognize matrix driven issues when you, as an executive, are embroiled in the matrix itself? How can you evaluate the effectiveness of a matrix structure? Rather than lump all the common

Matrix Structure

Do I Need a Matrix Structure?

Whether we like it or not, today’s marketplace is increasingly more complex.  As a result, many organizations have turned to a matrix structure to help mitigate the complexities. However, most organizations fail to fully utilize a matrix and instead it becomes little more than a few dotted-line reporting relationships sprinkled

Matrix Organization

Matrix Organization Design: How to Get the Most Out of It

When people talk about matrix organizations, different ideas come to mind.  In the most straightforward sense, a matrix organization is when one individual formally reports to two or more managers (solid and dotted lines). We might also say that a matrix is one form (there are many) of organizational linking