Optimizing remote capability building efforts

Virtual Training: 4 Ways to Optimize Your Remote Capability Building Efforts

Using these 4 levels of learning as a guide, you can develop and measure your virtual training efforts to ensure you get the most out of the time and funds invested.

Collaboration, not consensus, is the key to delivering results.

Confusing a Collaboration Culture with a Consensus Culture

Many organizations believe they have a culture of collaboration when they are actually operating within a consensus culture. The distinction is critical as collaboration – not consensus – is the key that enables high-performing teams to deliver top results.

Do you use consistent leadership or Agile leadership?

Consistent Leadership vs. Agile Leadership: What Kind of Leader Are You?

Is your leadership style more agile or consistent? Understanding your personal tendencies will help you to select the right people for your team and to work with them in the most effective ways.

Goal Setting

Goal Setting: A Tool for Employee Motivation

The process of goal-setting is a powerful tool for motivation and increased productivity. It can help each employee understand how they contribute to the organization’s bigger objectives.

Organizations finding opportunities to leverage the freelance talent pool

Opportunities to Leverage the Freelance Talent Pool

Learn how organizations can overcome four common barriers to hiring independent contractors.

Managing Creative Friction in Your Project Team

Diversity on a project team drives innovation. Practicing these quick project team management tips can help your team stay in that productive middle ground, and set the stage for success.

Build the Right Project Team for Success

Diversity is key to creative genius—but there is more to diversity than most realize. Look for diversity in these 5 areas to get the best results from your small team.

Change Management

Change Management in an Agile Organization

More and more companies are adapting Agile methods and principles in the way they work. However, most change management practices have evolved out of linear ways of working (like project management or waterfall development), not from Agile ways of working. So, what happens when an organization begins to operate in

Organization Design Implementation

Executive Insights: What Will It Take to Implement Your Design?

Developing a new organization design requires a lot of work, time, and resources, but it can also be exciting to move in a different direction to improve the organization.  In the excitement, we want to implement the new design quickly but often without knowing the effort, steps, or even amount