Increased Sales Growth & Improved Efficiency:


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Increased Sales Growth & Improved Efficiency:


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The design of a large organization can limit its potential for growth. GE Energy Services wanted to increase its sales by 10% while improving efficiency by 10% for their seven business lines and global sales force of more than 1200 people.


To gain insight into the current sales process, AlignOrg Solutions led an extensive data-gathering into how customers purchased and how they preferred to interact with GE sales people; the key steps in the sales process; and what support was needed from marketing, legal, and finance.

Key customer touch points and work activities with the greatest strategic value were identified through the analysis. We then led a global design team that determined the most effective methods to group products and services to align with customer touchpoints.

Working with the global design team, we created a new sales organization, defined roles and decision rights, and identified key metrics. With approval of senior management, our recommendations were used to facilitate a detailed organization redesign and implementation plan to support the roll-out of the new model.


Upon roll-out, total cost savings were more than 15% – exceeding the original goal by 50%. Following the redesign, GE Energy Services also experienced double-digit sales growth.