Gain the tangible insights that spur innovation and competitive advantage



Gain the tangible insights that spur innovation and competitive advantage

Seeking transformational leadership?

Whether you’re aiming to fix what could work better today or striving to create what you know is possible tomorrow,
lasting organizational transformation is a tall order.

A brilliant strategy provides a destination and a great organization design marks the path, but ultimately, it is leaders Alignment Leaders® who guide their organizations down the road to success.

AlignOrg Transformational Leadership

Through our Designing the Organization service, we help you design your organization to create differentiation, deliver distinctive capabilities, and keep costs in check.

Align your capability to your desired future state and build differentiation
that will be difficult for your competitors to replicate.

Tyco was transforming from a disconnected IT group spread out among multiple business units to a centralized, aligned IT function. We developed change leadership competencies that increased unity and clarity around decisions, direction and engagement.

Our Alignment Leader® Program can be customized to include:

  • Evaluating leaders and leadership teams to identify their strengths & weaknesses in leading transformations
  • Gaining awareness as to the role of the Alignment Leader®
  • Accessing invaluable insight into how to master your organization using The AlignOrg Method and Cube Model
  • Providing the tools, process guidance, and insight-gaining coaching you need to create Differentiation by Design®

Prepare your leadership team to expertly lead the design and learn more about the unique change leadership competencies we help leaders master and apply. Download your free copy of Becoming an Alignment Leader® below.

Join us today and become an Alignment Leader®.

Want to Become a Transformation Leader?

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