Want to align your organization’s capabilities to enable marketplace success?

Give birth to a winning operating model & culture that takes shape through your new strategy and organization.

Whether your organization needs to become more effective, engaged or streamlined, you’ve recently merged or been acquired, or you need to change your business model to improve competitiveness, moving into your desired future state happens by building the strategic capabilities that will differentiate your organization.

AlignOrg Building the Strategic Capabilities
AlignOrg Rubik's Cube

Through our Designing the Organization service, we help you design your organization to create differentiation, deliver distinctive capabilities, and keep costs in check.

Align your capability to your desired future state and build differentiation
that will be difficult for your competitors to replicate.

GE wanted to increase sales by 10%, while improving efficiency by 10%.
We conducted extensive customer data gathering, led a global design team, and implemented
a redesign resulting in cost savings of over 15% + double-digit sales growth.

As leaders of your organization, you determine the optimal set of elements that will align your organization’s capabilities to your desired future state.

Designing your organization goes far beyond building structure – it also involves how work is done, how resources are allocated, how success is measured, how jobs are defined, how performance is managed & rewarded, and how people are engaged.

Both communication and change management are critical.
Once you have clarity of strategy and clarity of differentiation, you can get alignment of functions.
Your organization then becomes a reflection of your strategy.

Our easy-to-follow transformation ROAD MAP will guide you from understanding your marketplace opportunities to an aligned, high-performing organization.

Our Design the Organization service is centered in the third and fourth phases of the AlignOrg Method: Macro Design Development & Micro Design Alignment

  • A concentrated series of facilitated work sessions
  • Laying out the capabilities that will deliver unique value to the marketplace
  • Creating the formula of design choices that embodies these capabilities and that competitors will be unable to copy
AlignOrg 3 and 4

Change management is a critical part of organization design.

It is infiltrated into everything we do, and it begins early in the process.

You can stop after the macro & micro design phases, though you will only be 30% of the way to full transformation.

What you do with the other 70% of redesign efforts is where the true change will occur.

We do organization design work at the speed of your business,
creating an organization alignment roadmap tailored to your company.

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