AlignOrg Solutions' Online Learning Portal

The tools & knowledge to tackle your next transformation initiative - available anytime, anywhere.

Over the last 25 years, AlignOrg Solutions has been helping organizations overcome challenges by following a systematic organization transformation process. We have taken our experience and knowledge and condensed it into six courses: Overview, Diagnoses, Strategy, Macro Design Development, Micro Design Development and Implementation & Sustainability. Participants will gain an understanding of each stage of the transformation while also learning how and when to apply organization transformation tools to the challenges they'll face.


  • Interactive Courses: Short quizzes and interactive tools keep users engaged as they master each stage of the organization transformation process.
  • Engaging Videos: Fast-paced, animated videos, specifically designed to help participants absorb, retain and apply the information.
  • Intuitive Interface: Access the portal from any web browser. Users can see at a glance which courses they've completed and which are still in progress.

Each course uses fast-paced videos and interactive presentations to guide participants through The AlignOrg Method and the tools they'll need to successfully incorporate those principles into their own organizations. The portal  can be accessed from any web browser, making it a convenient way to refresh your knowledge of The AlignOrg Method or train new members of your team in the critical components of organization transformation.

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Preview one of our learning portal's videos: The Cube Model Overview