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Answers + Aligned Leadership + Actionable Solutions

At AlignOrg Solutions, we understand that every company is unique and complex.

Your business requires symmetry and alignment,
and that requires the strategy and design that are right for your organization.

Reaching far beyond diagnosing the problem, we partner with you to develop designs
that help you stay ahead in a fiercely competitive market,
while staying true to your business strategy and brand promise.

Achieving Optimal Organization Alignment

Are you simultaneously attempting to transform, achieve unmet targets, improve disconnected work flows, optimize resource allocation, eliminate role confusion, overcome productivity problems, or speed up lengthy decision-making processes?

As C-suite and HR executives, it’s no easy task to align your company’s daily operations with a larger vision and strategy.


AlignOrg Achieving Optimal Organization Alignment

Our Approach

Whether your vision is tied to growing your existing or new markets, managing
mergers and acquisitions, or making digital transformations,
the only way to smart business is through smart organization design.

We have the expertise, attentiveness and proven approach to developing
the optimal strategy and operational road map required to reach your desired results.


The AlignOrg Method is strategically designed to align strategy, organization capabilities and choices in a way that creates differentiation.

We call this Differentiation by Design®.

We’ve built our change management and communications capability by adopting best practices from fields like marketing, advertising, education, and leadership.

When organization leaders engage in the full scope of Leading the Design and Managing the Transformation Journey, change happens and Differentiation by Design® becomes possible.

The AlignOrg Method has been proven in a variety of situations where we:

  • Work with leadership teams to solve multiple complex business problems.
  • Use political savvy to address performance, strategic trade-off, and personality issues with senior leadership teams.
  • Provide organization design, change management, and consultative solutions that deliver measurable results and positive impact.


AlignOrg How We Work


Mastering the Cube

Through the integration of The AlignOrg Method with our organization Cube Model, we work to replace your company’s stumbling blocks with building blocks.

AlignOrg Model Cube

Transformational Change and Differentiation by Design® are achieved as we apply our methodology to align all 6 sides of your organization:

The 6 Sides of the Organization Cube

(How we implement The AlignOrg Method)

  • Work

    1. Work Processes

    Different results can only be achieved by changing the work that creates results. To ensure alignment within your organization, you must first consider your routines and processes: the daily tasks that create and deliver value.

    Prioritize the activities that differentiate you as an organization and help you win.
    Competitive work needs to be done as effectively as possible to support a strong market position. Non-competitive work (necessary to support the organization) should be done as efficiently as possible.

  • Structure Blue Small 500

    2. Structure & Governance

    As in architecture, organization design abides by the principle that “form follows function.” Just as the work of an organization follows its strategy, the structure of an organization should follow naturally from the work. This is the focus of the second side: structure & governance.

    Your organization’s structure will either enable or disable its potential to deliver value. A good structure will reflect your trade-offs and support the work that differentiates you from your competition.

  • Info Red Small 500

    3. Information & Metrics

    Information flowing through an organization enables aligned, data-driven decisions. The third side – the information system of an organization – includes the data itself, as well as the technologies and tools for using, sharing, and storing it.

    To support aligned decisions, information must be both accessible and relevant. Metrics must reinforce the behaviors & performance that will lead to success.

    The best decision-making processes involve setting up information systems to provide enough of the right information to the right people at the right time, without engaging in information overload.

  • Peopl Yellow Small 500

    4. People & Rewards

    This fourth side includes recruitment and hiring, development and training, performance management, and succession.

    Aligning people & rewards ensures that people are motivated and that their potential is maximized. It also helps to guarantee that all people and rewards systems are set up to support the strategic goals of the organization.

  • Improvement Green Small 500

    5. Continuous Improvement

    This fifth side includes the mechanisms, tools, and processes needed to review, renew, and realign organization choices on an ongoing basis.

    All parts of your organization are continually subject to change in response to changes in your market, industry, infrastructure, and people. Over time, this can lead to inefficiencies as systems and processes that were once aligned start to become ineffective and/or disjointed from other systems.

    A healthy organization has mechanisms in place to help identify and address these issues.

  • Leadership Culture Orange Small 500

    6. Leadership & Culture

    The sixth side is the shared assumptions, beliefs, behaviors, and norms of an organization that together make up its culture.

    Through aligned organization choices, modeling behaviors consistent with the organization’s values, and sharing stories and examples that reinforce desired beliefs, leaders can shape company culture in ways that contribute to differentiation and value.

When all 6 sides of the organization are aligned, we call this “Mastering the Cube.”

You can learn more about the proven cube model to Organization Transformation inside our book, Mastering the Cube. Get your FREE chapter today:

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