Align your
Focus on
the big picture.

We help align people, processes, and goals
to bring your vision to fruition.

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Turn your stumbling
blocks into
building blocks.

Read Mastering the Cube and find out how.

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Think alike.
Be different.

It takes internal buy-in and alignment to bring
your differentiated strategy to fruition.
We make it happen.

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Smart business starts with smart organization design.


C-suite and HR executives know it’s no easy task to align your company’s daily operations with a larger vision and strategy. Whether that strategy is growing your existing or new markets, managing mergers and acquisitions, or keeping up on the latest technology trends, the only way to get there is through smart organization design.

That’s where AlignOrg Solutions can help. We understand that every company is unique and complex. Movement in one area of your organization often affects many, if not all, other areas – and not always for the better. Your business requires symmetry and alignment, and that takes the right strategy and design. Our 5-step process replaces your company’s stumbling blocks with building blocks that guide you to greater organizational alignment – and efficiency.

Backed by our work for Fortune 500 clients, in a variety of industries, you can have confidence that we are business specialists you can count on. It’s not enough to simply diagnose a problem; we have the expertise to successfully implement solutions, based on smart designs that others can not easily replicate. We can help you stay ahead in a fiercely competitive marketplace – while staying true to your business strategy and your brand promise to customers.