Empowering Transformation Through Organization Design

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Empowering Transformation Through Organization Design

Navigating Transformational Change?

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At AlignOrg Solutions, we drive growth and marketplace success, empower transformational change,
and foster a differentiation advantage – all through organization design.

For 25 years, we have partnered with global organizations and industry-leading Fortune 100 clients to provide
a powerful launch pad for designing and implementing successful change.

Our Solutions

Designing the Organization

Want to align your organization’s capabilities to enable marketplace success?

Whether your organization needs to become more effective, engaged or streamlined, we help you design your organization to create differentiation, deliver distinctive capabilities, and keep costs in check.

Creating Differentiated Strategy

Need to crack the code on gaining competitive advantage or clarifying the implications of strategy?

When your next level of growth calls for improved effectiveness and competitiveness, we help you articulate your unique position for winning in the marketplace and identify what it takes to crack the code on success.

Leading the Design

Seeking transformational leadership to support lasting change?

Strategy provides a destination and great design marks the path, but ultimately, the Alignment Leader® guides their organization to success. We help you become leaders who architect, communicate, exemplify and facilitate sustainable change.

Managing the Transformation Journey

Want to be in the ranks of the 30% of change efforts that succeed?

Knowing precisely how and when to grow can be challenging. We help you master the unique applications of managing change in the context of organization design and transformation.

Building Capability

Want to build the organization design muscles you need to drive transformation?

In creating the growth you know is possible for your organization, you need your leaders & practitioners to be empowered to facilitate that evolution. Through our comprehensive certification programs & workshops, we help build strong internal organization design partners.

“There are a lot of companies that obviously work in this change management space and there are a lot of frameworks. One of the things that’s appealed to me is the boutique nature of AlignOrg Solutions. There’s a lot of flexibility there and they’ve got a really good methodology. They’ve also got some really good consultants. They’re helping us to create a discipline and culture inside our company.”

– Shaun Wasson, Director Change Management, Fortune 100 Manufacturing Company

“The impact of your expertise in both change management and teaching/facilitation is really incredible. The number of ‘Aha!’ moments and the amount of spirited discussion around the room is a true testament.”

– Michelle G., Danaher Corporation

“AlignOrg has consistently offered a thoughtful and practical approach to organization design that has continued to evolve with their learning from actual implementation.  I have continued to be impressed with how robust and user friendly their methods are and how they have maintained a true systems view of organization design.”  

– Mathew Jacob, Organization Development, Shell/SABIC

Our Clients Include


Free Webinar: Realizing the Benefits of an Organization Redesign

Friday, Oct. 4 – Learn five critical steps to effectively realizing the benefits of an organization redesign effort and ensure that as design decisions are made, the organization can execute the proposed changes.

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Organization Design Conference 2019

Nov. 6-8, 2019 – This hands-on workshop will highlight ways that executives and HR practitioners can effectively partner to identify both the hard and soft design facets needed to enable true organizational transformation

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Organization Design Certification 2019

Oct. 21-23, 2019 – Aligning Your Organization: An Organization Design Approach to Enterprise Transformation is our comprehensive program certified by the Organization Design Community, the premier industry accreditation body.

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Free Webinar: Kicking Off a Successful Organization Redesign

– Available on Demand – Learn the five critical steps in a launching a successful organization redesign effort.

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Free Webinar: You Have a New Structure, Now What?

– Available on Demand – Structure is a powerful organization design lever that can help or hinder an organization’s efforts at marketplace success. 

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Free Webinar: Deciding When to Seek a New Organization Design

– Available on Demand – What signifies that an organization redesign is the right answer to performance and strategic differentiation challenges?

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Leading the Charge for Change?

Whether you are restructuring, consolidating, merging, acquiring, or experiencing new growth, organizational change need not be insurmountable.

Download your FREE chapter from Mastering The Cube to begin replacing your stumbling blocks with building blocks, and become a leader skilled at strategic organizational alignment.

“…read this. It is omniscient,
efficient and sufficient.”

– Clayton Christensen, Professor, Harvard Business School


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AlignOrg Mastering The Cube Book

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The philosophy of form following function isn’t just applicable to the architectural field; organization structure that follows strategy is key to creating a productive, well-aligned organization.

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Help employees transition through the neutral zone to a new organization alignment by explaining the hows and whys of the changes.