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Need to crack the code on gaining competitive advantage
or clarifying the implications of strategy?

You know where you need to be. We help you get there.

When your next level of growth calls for improved overall effectiveness and competitiveness,
successful change begins with a clear strategy.

Strategy identifies capabilities needed to differentiate the organization.

Through our Creating Differentiated Strategy service, we help you articulate your unique position for winning in the marketplace and know the organizational implications of your strategy.

Answer the critical questions about how work will be done and how resources will be organized, so you can focus on being distinct and effective.

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We help you align organization design to strategy, create Differentiation by Design®, and unleash the innovation that is needed for your organizations to crack the code on success.

When Canadian indirect lending market leader, Scotiabank
needed to ensure and strengthen their market position,
we created a strategy that aligned with their customers’ changing needs.


As you prepare to create or review your organizational strategy, it is imperative that you define a marketplace position that will truly differentiate you.
Strategy is about creating distinctiveness and being clear on your trade-offs.

Partner with us to clarify strategy and align your capabilities & choices.

With our balanced set of expertise, we’ve created unique tools and methods that have proven to differentiate us from our competition and will differentiate you from yours.

Creating Differentiated Strategy is aligned with the second phase of the AlignOrg Method. This solution begins with:

  • Gathering marketplace and customer insights
  • Engaging in leadership discussions about how the organization will offer unique value
  • Holding planning and resourcing sessions
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There is more to it than that:

When you align the capabilities and resources of the organization to strategy, your strategic advantage is unleashed.

At AlignOrg Solutions, we know that enabling differentiation makes everything better:
profits, growth, and even employee engagement.

Contact our team to launch your strategic wins today.