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Empower your organization design with data

AlignOrg Solutions’ data and analytics tools allow you to make data-driven design choices to align all sides of your organization with strategy. We acquire and transform data into the insights you need to make informed decisions and track growth and improvement.

Our data and analytics tools allow you to:

  • Assess to what degree your organization is aligned and effective
  • Understand how your organization compares to others in your industry
  • Analyze your current talent investment and optimize spans and layers
  • Explore ways to streamline and harmonize work activities
  • Identify skill strengths and gaps within your organization
  • Pinpoint information silos and internal influencers

AlignOrg's Data and Analytics suite

Our suite of data and analytics tools are designed to make tangible what can often feel intangible. These key insights enhance the design process and help you build credibility as you engage in organization transformation.

Alignment Index: Combine surveys based on our 66 Organizational Alignment Tips with innovative visualization techniques to identify and change areas of misalignment.

Industry Benchmarking: Utilize industry-specific data to understand how your organization compares with peers and make improvements.

Structure Analytics: Visualize organization spans and layers to spot redundancies and compare current and future state scenarios.

Work Analytics: Determine if your organization is doing the work necessary to enable its strategy.

Skills Analytics: Understand the skill strengths and weaknesses of your current talent and determine how to fill talent gaps.

Network Analytics: Pinpoint key working relationships and decision-making patterns and accelerate change by targeting influencers.

Download this use case to learn how AlignOrg Solutions' data and analytics tools helped a pet supply company focus on strategic work.


Data and Analytics use case


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