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Want to build the organization design muscles you need to drive transformation?

You want to be able to create the growth you know is possible for your organization, and you need everyone in the organization to be empowered to facilitate that evolution.

AlignOrg Solutions has the skills, tools and methodologies you need to take your organization to the next level.

We build strong organization design partners internally for business leaders – those your organization can turn to throughout the lifecycle of a transformation.

AlignOrg Meet the Team

Building capability is key.

Achieving organization transformation takes an aligned, committed, and capable team of leaders and practitioners who can see the strategy, link it to the organization’s choices, and ensure a change in behaviors and performance.

Through our Building Capability service, we help your organization define an internal system for on-going capability development.

Together, we establish a delivery model for offering advanced internal organization design and change management expertise.

Our goal is to create capacity, capability and alignment thinking at every level of the organization.

Abbott Laboratories wanted to build its internal ability to respond to organization design needs.
We educated HR leaders on how to recognize & diagnose organizational design needs,
leading to a model where they had greater autonomy and capability.

Sponsor a Workshop at Your Organization

AlignOrg Solutions’ workshops are customized to your needs. They include:

  • Aligning Your Organization: An Organization Design approach to Enterprise Transformation
    • Organization Diagnosis and Intervention
    • Differentiation by Design® (Macro Design)
    • Aligning for Success (Micro Design)
  • Organization Change & Individual Transitions
  • Alignment Leader® (Organization Transformation for Executives)

Want individual credentials to showcase your OD skills?

In our accredited capability-building program, each individual participant has the option to receive a Certification of Completion from the Organizational Design Community.

This certification sets professionals apart from others and shows that your team is continuing to develop your skills in organization design.

Read more about the many advantages of the ODC Certification Program.

Aligning Your Organization: An Organization Design Approach to Enterprise Transformation is our comprehensive program certified by the Organization Design Community, the premier industry accreditation body.

Through our time-proven program, we transfer our tools and methods to members of your organization through engaging workshops that help you build internal organization transformation capabilities.

Keep your skills fresh with our Online Learning Portal

AlignOrg Solutions offers a one-of-a-kind Online Learning Portal for companies to receive ongoing support
and refresh knowledge of our methodology and tools any time, in real time.

Inside the Learning Portal, you’ll find short, interactive learning modules and videos
to refresh your knowledge as needed to support an internal client or a project.

You’ll gain access to the tools most commonly used during an organization transformation.

The Online Learning Portal provides five interactive learning modules:

  1. Introduction to Organization Transformation
  2. Organization Diagnosis
  3. Strategy Clarification
  4. Differentiation by Design® (Macro Design)
  5. Aligning for Success (Micro Design)

The Portal is available following training & through a corporate subscription.

The following video is a sample of what you’ll get inside:


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