Virtually Facilitated Organization Design

For those times when you are not able to meet in person, but the work must move forward, AlignOrg Solutions’ Virtual Facilitation Platform provides an immediate solution.

We believe AlignOrg Solutions’ face-to-face facilitated workshops provide optimal results for our clients, but we understand this isn’t possible in every situation. Our virtually-facilitated design sessions help teams limited by travel or scheduling availability. This collaborative way of working utilizes the proven AlignOrg Method, with an emphasis on fast-moving, highly interactive work sessions and teamworking tools.

When face-to-face facilitation isn’t possible, organizations can utilize our approach to strategic organization transformation in a virtual environment.

  • Facilitation uses AlignOrg Solutions' robust tools and methodology
  • Participants can join from anywhere using a computer with internet access
  • Work is conducted using a dynamic virtual platform that allows for onscreen partnering and brainstorming
  • Global teams can convene quickly, with flexibility in scheduling

We use collaborative virtual tools to visualize output from our facilitated design sessions, then prioritize, organize, and refine those ideas to design your organization or determine your operating model efficiently and productively.

Capture, organize and prioritize ideas

Turn your ideas into differentiated designs

Working remotely, we can help you transform your organization and drive marketplace success.

"AlignOrg Solutions' Virtual Facilitation Platform allowed us to move critical organization design work forward with meaningful group participation and without delay while we worked remotely.
Connecting by video enabled us to have valuable and engaging conversations to support the work.  The virtual collaboration tools allowed us to work together effectively in large groups and in smaller breaks-outs, with the added benefit of being able to return to the material to review and reflect between working sessions. "
- Heidi Meyer, Sr. Director Human Resources, Diabetes Group, Medtronic