Learn how three effective communication techniques for leaders

Effective Communication: Going Beyond the “Big Announcement”

Learn three key messages that can increase awareness and help employees embrace change.

Change leader helping employees succeed with change

3 Keys to Helping Your Employees Succeed With Change

Change is most successful when employees clearly understand their roles. These steps are key to helping your employees through the change process.

Re-architecting work to add value and meaning for people

Organizational Resilience Series Part 2: Re-architecting Work to Add Value and Meaning for People

Learn how re-architecting work – deliberately designing work in ways that allow human capabilities to flourish and focus their collective energies – can help create desired outcomes for organizations.

Leadership traits that lead to change success

Leadership Traits That Lead to Change Success

The success of an organization often begins and ends with the leadership capabilities of those at the helm. These leadership traits drive a successful organization design initiative.

Making personal change possible

Four Tactics for Making Personal Change Possible

Personal change can seem difficult, but these four tactics can help you make the kind of lasting changes that will improve your effectiveness within and beyond the workplace.

HR Leader working with a Change Partner

Partnering for Change: An HR Leader’s Perspective on Working with a Change Partner

These tips can help organizations work effectively with a change partner to maintain alignment, find effective ways to drive strategy and achieve a successful transformation.

In business, use these key phrases to drive change conversations during a transformation

Three Key Phrases That Can Drive Change

For Alignment Leaders and Change Partners who want to be more effective in leading their change initiatives, here are a few key phrases to help start conversations.

Executives can lead teams to success with effective change management.

Effective Change Management: 4 Ways Executives Can Lead Teams to Success

Executives that can look beyond their own self-interest to prioritize the needs of the organization as a whole will achieve greater success.

Eliminate anti-metrics that disrupt organizational performance and focus on the "metrics that matter".

Metrics that Matter: Eliminating “Anti-Metrics” That Disrupt Organizational Performance

Aligning metrics with organizational strategy and desired behaviors helps you achieve optimal results. Make sure “anti-metrics” are not interfering with organizational success.

Riding in the rain compared to organizational strategies for new times

Riding in the Rain – New Organizational Strategies for New Times

Moving forward, the success of businesses will be influenced by how well they can adapt, replacing old organizational strategies with the ability to react to quickly changing conditions.