A good business operating system works like a set of finely tuned gears to support your organization's objectives

Four Steps For Designing an Effective Business Operating System

Learn how to design a business operating system that aligns with your organization’s strategy and helps address critical performance levers.

Not all customer experiences are created equal

Not All Customers Are Equally Important: Designing Customer Experience to Win

No customer wants to be treated like a “have not.” How can organizations design the customer experience to accommodate customers at all levels?


Has Hierarchy Outlived Its Useful Life? Why We Still Need Hierarchy, and How To Manage Its Downsides

We need hierarchy in organizations. But in order to get the right balance, we also need to manage the downsides.

Finding differentiation leads to success

Find Your Falls: How Differentiation is Critical to Shaping Your Organization’s Strategy

Finding what differentiates your organization in the marketplace can be a challenge, but it’s critical to shaping your organization’s strategy. 

team building capability

Smartly Acquire the Organizational Capabilities Your Customers Need

One strategic imperative for organizations is determining what customers want and how the organization can smartly acquire the organizational capabilities to close those gaps.

Simplify Employee Experience

Simplified Sales Organizations Improve Customer & Employee Experience

As organizations grow and evolve, commercial functions like sales and marketing often become too complex.  Reducing the complexity of these organizations contributes to employee experience as well as the customer experience – and the bottom line.

Change leader helping employees succeed with change

3 Keys to Helping Your Employees Succeed With Change

Change is most successful when employees clearly understand their roles. These steps are key to helping your employees through the change process.

How To Use Net Promotor Score To Design For Customer Experience

Two ways to think about NPS for customer experience is 1) how you react to issues and 2) what you do “wow” the customer.

Customer Satisfaction

Maintaining Customer Satisfaction During Change Transformation

The availability of countless tools, software and management systems, customized training programs, and strategic planning applications, makes it easy to forget the reason we have them in the first place.  The reason is the customer.

Strategy Implementation Your Customers Can Feel

How do you deliver an unforgettable customer experience that differentiates you from competitors? Make sure you’re facilitating strategy implementation your customers can feel.