Finding differentiation leads to success

Find Your Falls: How Differentiation is Critical to Shaping Your Organization’s Strategy

Finding what differentiates your organization in the marketplace can be a challenge, but it’s critical to shaping your organization’s strategy. 

Optimizing remote capability building efforts

Virtual Training: 4 Ways to Optimize Your Remote Capability Building Efforts

Using these 4 levels of learning as a guide, you can develop and measure your virtual training efforts to ensure you get the most out of the time and funds invested.

How To Use Net Promotor Score To Design For Customer Experience

Two ways to think about NPS for customer experience is 1) how you react to issues and 2) what you do “wow” the customer.

Is Ambiguity Making Your Organization Less Effective and Efficient?

Is Ambiguity Making Your Organization Less Effective and Efficient?

These six suggestions can help resolve ambiguity in the work place by addressing the areas of possible organizational misalignment.

Henry Ford can teach us about organization design

What Henry Ford Can Teach Us About Organization Design

Learn how automotive innovator Henry Ford followed organization design principles to build an automobile company that dominated its era and helped shape modern business practices.

HR can be part of the Agile revolution

Three Things HR Can Do to be Part of the Agile Revolution

Learn three ways HR can help drive a company-wide implementation of Agile ideals and practices.

Organization Metrics

Organization Metrics: A Key Lever in Strategy Alignment

In the book “Mastering the Cube,” we emphasize the idea that all aspects of an organization must be aligned to strategy for a company to be healthy.  One of the components of strategy alignment is how well an organization utilizes metrics to determine what is working and not working.  For