Four Transformative Influences of AI on the Organization

Learn how artificial intelligence changing organization design by redefining work, reshaping collaboration and reimagining leadership.

A good business operating system works like a set of finely tuned gears to support your organization's objectives

Four Steps For Designing an Effective Business Operating System

Learn how to design a business operating system that aligns with your organization’s strategy and helps address critical performance levers.

Organizational implications of digital transformation – Partner Ecosystems

A Winning Partner Ecosystem Starts with Organizational Alignment

Building partner ecosystems – and aligning organizations to maximize their success – can be a valuable tool in today’s changing marketplace.

Collaboration, not consensus, is the key to delivering results.

Confusing a Collaboration Culture with a Consensus Culture

Many organizations believe they have a culture of collaboration when they are actually operating within a consensus culture. The distinction is critical as collaboration – not consensus – is the key that enables high-performing teams to deliver top results.

Organization design team members embed empathy using design thinking techniques.

Design Thinking: 4 Ways to Embed Empathy Into Organization Design

Using design thinking techniques such as interviews, persona profiles, empathy exercises and storytelling will allow teams to design an organization that meets their customers’ needs.