Digital transformation is key to strategic success

A Clear Strategy is Key to Digital Transformation Success

The guidelines outlined here can be an effective roadmap to help drive a successful digital transformation.

Avoiding transition speed bumps during organization transformation

Digital Transformation Through Journey Management

Consider these steps and strategies to better manage the many moving parts of journey management to achieve a successful digital transformation. 

Facilitating Digital Transformation the Agile Way

Using Agile principles in a digital transformation will improve efficiency, effectiveness, and the quality of the work product.

Successful Digitization Starts with Strategy

Going digital can be a powerful move for an organization, but it must be done strategically. Good strategy doesn’t necessarily change just because the world is becoming more digital.

Beyond Paperless: How Digital Transformation Can Revolutionize Your Organization

Leveraging digital transformation in ways that transform experiences, create exponential improvements, are highly scalable, and expedite progress could result in revolutionary changes for your organization.

Organization Transformation

Ensuring Clean Hand-Offs in Organization Transformation

The idea of “passing the baton” in a relay race is often used as a metaphor for the handoffs that occur as work moves from one person or function of a business to the next. These transitions are critical junctures in organization transformation; being able to manage organization design “baton

Organization Transformation

Key Considerations for Your Organization Transformation COE

A Center of Expertise (COE) is set up to deliver specialized services or capabilities for a business. A properly set up internal COE for implementing organization change can help an organization handle change more smoothly, efficiently, and cost effectively. The critical first step in setting up a successful organization transformation

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Implications for Process Design

Digital technologies—not just hardware, but data, artificial intelligence, networks, social platforms, and other digital applications—are rapidly and profoundly changing the way we do business.  More and more companies of all sizes and in all industries are engaging in digital transformation as a way to more seamlessly and intuitively design customer

Organization Design

Cultivating a Digital Mindset in Your Organization

Digitization has become a must for organizations that want to stay relevant in today’s marketplace. Digitizing streamlines many of the day-to-day operations of a business, allowing it to offer seamless delivery of value both internally and externally with customers. To digitize an organization is simple in concept, but that simplicity

Digital Transformation

Designing a Digital Transformation to Create True Organizational Value

Digital transformation is receiving a lot of press as businesses relentlessly redefine how they deliver value and relate with customers.  The question that needs to be asked is, “How will digital transformation produce value and differentiation for my organization? In the midst of increased digital transformation “noise,” strategic and organization