Anticipating customer problems is the sign of a great leader.

Good Customer Experiences Solve Problems. Great Ones Anticipate Them.

Does your business “surprise” your customers by anticipating and providing solutions for their needs and wants? Here are some suggestions on how to create a business model that will create happy customers.

Don't get caught with the wrong good ideas

How Leaders Can Avoid Getting Caught Up with the Wrong “Good Ideas”

Have a few good ideas? Here are a few suggestions to help you determine which ideas to use and which to lose.

Learn to harness the benefits of brain-friendly change communications

Harnessing the Benefits of Brain-Friendly Change Communications

Learnings from neuroscience research can be applied to organization design and transformation efforts to maximize the success of your change communication strategies.

Harness leadership alignment to drive organizational change

Harnessing Leadership Alignment to Drive Organizational Change

Learn how to increase leadership alignment, collaboration and partnership within teams implementing organizational change.

Organization design team driving transformation success through strategic leadership.

Strategic Leadership: Driving Transformation Success Through Choices & Trade-offs

Successful strategic leadership means asking tough questions to determine necessary choices and tradeoffs. Your answers will help differentiate your organization from the competition.

Leadership traits that lead to change success

Leadership Traits That Lead to Change Success

The success of an organization often begins and ends with the leadership capabilities of those at the helm. These leadership traits drive a successful organization design initiative.

Making personal change possible

Four Tactics for Making Personal Change Possible

Personal change can seem difficult, but these four tactics can help you make the kind of lasting changes that will improve your effectiveness within and beyond the workplace.

HR Leader working with a Change Partner

Partnering for Change: An HR Leader’s Perspective on Working with a Change Partner

These tips can help organizations work effectively with a change partner to maintain alignment, find effective ways to drive strategy and achieve a successful transformation.

Alignment leader creating the conditions for team success

Build Effective Teams Through Alignment Leadership

Alignment leadership impacts more than organizational performance. Executives who are Alignment Leaders® can also set conditions to create more effective teams.

Alignment leader and change partner working together for organization redesign success

Organization Redesign Success Starts with this Dynamic Duo

Two key roles provide the basis for a successful organization redesign project. Learn how strategic partnerships between Alignment Leaders® and change partners can ensure positive transformations.