Link your revenue model to your strategy

Linking Your Revenue Model and Your Strategy

When leaders think about the elements of their strategy, they should review each offering to determine if it leads to more sales or greater profit margins. If it doesn’t contribute to the revenue model, a refocus might be in order.

Change leaders can avoid this pitfall when cutting costs

Avoid This Pitfall When Cutting Costs

Looking to reduce costs during your organization redesign? Consider changing how the work is done and then align staffing levels to match the work.

Differentiation through corporate strategy.

Differentiation Through Corporate Strategy

Corporate strategy can be a point of differentiation. Look at your business as you would an investment portfolio and determine how to allocate resources in ways that create the greatest returns.

A word of caution when adjusting spans and layers.

Spans and Layers: A Word of Caution

These three steps can help leaders get the most out of spans and layers adjustments. and make sure a span and layer analysis doesn’t lead to unintended consequences.


Why Resource Choice Matters in Organization Transformation

Resourcing is a perpetual challenge organizations face in driving transformation. Sooner or later, every transformation leader will find him or herself in the position of needing specific talent or resources other than those which are normally under their control. When this happens, they must look elsewhere for those resources. Not