Implementing a New Business Model That Creates Customer Stickiness

What makes us repeatedly choose one company over another?  What choices can organizations make that create customer “stickiness”?

Functional design teams mitigating risks and bridging silos.

Reaping Benefits, Mitigating Risks in Functional Structures

Functional design provides extensive benefits as well as challenges. To optimize the structure, leaders should ensure that functions operate within scope and that cross-organizational silos are bridged.

Henry Ford can teach us about organization design

What Henry Ford Can Teach Us About Organization Design

Learn how automotive innovator Henry Ford followed organization design principles to build an automobile company that dominated its era and helped shape modern business practices.

Link your revenue model to your strategy

Linking Your Revenue Model and Your Strategy

When leaders think about the elements of their strategy, they should review each offering to determine if it leads to more sales or greater profit margins. If it doesn’t contribute to the revenue model, a refocus might be in order.

Purpose-driven organization design professionals

Designing a Purpose-Driven Organization

A purpose-driven organization can provide unique competitive advantages that benefit employees and customers alike. Learn how you can take advantage of the intrinsic value this kind of organization offers by aligning purpose with profits.

Is Your Matrix Organizational Structure Ready for the New Normal?

Is Your Matrix Organizational Structure Ready for the New Normal?

As we move into a new era of remote work, employees and managers in a matrix organization should revisit workplace expectations to ensure the organization continues to function effectively.

A word of caution when adjusting spans and layers.

Spans and Layers: A Word of Caution

These three steps can help leaders get the most out of spans and layers adjustments. and make sure a span and layer analysis doesn’t lead to unintended consequences.

Understanding and optimizing your business model often requires navigating the currents.

Business Model Optimization: Navigating the Currents

Learn how understanding and optimizing your business model can help you define your competitive positioning, understand decision rights and work more efficiently.

Linkages are used for more efficient organization design

Using Linkages for More Efficient Organization Design

Linkages are a key aspect of every organization design that leaders should carefully examine to help their organizations be more successful.

Riding in the rain compared to organizational strategies for new times

Riding in the Rain – New Organizational Strategies for New Times

Moving forward, the success of businesses will be influenced by how well they can adapt, replacing old organizational strategies with the ability to react to quickly changing conditions.