Corvette driving toward the sunset

Racing Toward Successful Change

What can we learn from an iconic car brand? We share Corvette’s successful change and transformation practices.

Learn how three effective communication techniques for leaders

Effective Communication: Going Beyond the “Big Announcement”

Learn three key messages that can increase awareness and help employees embrace change.

Change leader helping employees succeed with change

3 Keys to Helping Your Employees Succeed With Change

Change is most successful when employees clearly understand their roles. These steps are key to helping your employees through the change process.

Managing Organization Change to Engage Employees

Implementing Regulatory Change In Ways that Engage Employees

Sometimes creating a culture of engagement clashes with the need for regulatory compliance.  How can you implement regulatory change in ways that engage employees?

Customer Satisfaction

Maintaining Customer Satisfaction During Change Transformation

The availability of countless tools, software and management systems, customized training programs, and strategic planning applications, makes it easy to forget the reason we have them in the first place.  The reason is the customer.

Successful business professionals find out what really matters to the customer

Finding Out What Really Matters to the Customer

Often, what actually drives customers’ buying behavior may be unrelated to what they say they want. The things customers say and believe aren’t always what forces their actions or decision.

Customer Experience

Customer Experience Strategy: Turning Service Failure Into Opportunity

To turn a customer experience failure into an advantage, think through the process of customer recovery and design ways to turn service failure into a strategic advantage.

Where have all the worker's gone?

Where Did All the Workers Go? (And How the Right Strategy Will Attract Them)

Why does it seem that everyone is struggling to find workers? These insights and tips can help your organization find and keep workers in these post-pandemic times.

Learn to harness the benefits of brain-friendly change communications

Harnessing the Benefits of Brain-Friendly Change Communications

Learnings from neuroscience research can be applied to organization design and transformation efforts to maximize the success of your change communication strategies.

Harness leadership alignment to drive organizational change

Harnessing Leadership Alignment to Drive Organizational Change

Learn how to increase leadership alignment, collaboration and partnership within teams implementing organizational change.