Learn how to design your organization to support fungible talent.

Fluid Organization Design: Putting the “Fun in Fungible”

Learn how you can intentionally design your organization to support fungible talent.

Optimizing remote capability building efforts

Virtual Training: 4 Ways to Optimize Your Remote Capability Building Efforts

Using these 4 levels of learning as a guide, you can develop and measure your virtual training efforts to ensure you get the most out of the time and funds invested.

Organizational design - Adaptability

Organizational Resilience Series Part 1: Adaptability

Adaptability is a key component to building a resilient organization that can move forward confidently regardless of what the future holds.

HR can be part of the Agile revolution

Three Things HR Can Do to be Part of the Agile Revolution

Learn three ways HR can help drive a company-wide implementation of Agile ideals and practices.

Futurism and understanding emerging business trends

Futurism: Understanding Emerging Business Trends

Being a futurist means paying attention to new patterns and trends and developing possible scenarios for the future. What is the best way to build the future smartly, thoughtfully, and effectively?

Focusing on organizational health increases resilience during tough economic times

Building Organizational Health Now Increases Resilience During Tough Economic Times

Addressing organizational weaknesses can protect and preserve your organization’s overall health and ensure your business’s well-being in times of calamity.

Organization agility during crisis compared to instinct in geese to lead

Organizational Agility: Crucial in Times of Crisis

Like geese, whose evolved instincts lead them home, agile Alignment Leaders® need to be able to utilize the talents and abilities of team members in creative ways to overcome the challenges incident to a global crisis.

Facilitating Digital Transformation the Agile Way

Using Agile principles in a digital transformation will improve efficiency, effectiveness, and the quality of the work product.

Designing an adaptive organization

Designing an Adaptive Organization: 2 Key Principles

A highly adaptable organization has a significant competitive advantage in today’s rapidly changing market. Learn two key principles of adaptive organization design.

Navigating Alignment in the “Neutral Zone”

Help employees transition through the neutral zone to a new organization alignment by explaining the hows and whys of the changes.