Organization design trends - what is the right model for you?

Organization Design Trends: What is the Right Model for You?

Traditional organization design methods don’t always move fast enough to keep up with the pace of change with which businesses must cope.  More and more leaders are seeking innovative organization design approaches and solutions to address new and compelling marketplace trends.  They are asking themselves: “How valid are these trends,

Agile Organization Design

How Do You Use Agile Principles in Organization Design?

An Agile organization is one where leaders have thoughtfully embedded Agile principles into the ways the organization works. The benefits of Agile can be significant, and organizations are exploring how to change traditional ways of working (e.g., project management, life cycle management, etc.) into Agile ways of working (e.g., Scrum,

Organization Design

Cultivating a Digital Mindset in Your Organization

Digitization has become a must for organizations that want to stay relevant in today’s marketplace. Digitizing streamlines many of the day-to-day operations of a business, allowing it to offer seamless delivery of value both internally and externally with customers. To digitize an organization is simple in concept, but that simplicity

Understanding key principles of Organization Design

Agile Organization Design: Understanding Key Principles

Using the key principles of Agile in your organization design work can help you quickly produce customer-centric, flexible results.

Change Management

Change Management in an Agile Organization

More and more companies are adapting Agile methods and principles in the way they work. However, most change management practices have evolved out of linear ways of working (like project management or waterfall development), not from Agile ways of working. So, what happens when an organization begins to operate in

Change Transformation

How Proper Diagnosis Leads to Change Transformation Success

The times of “stasis” in organization life are nearly gone, and the notion of being “Always on” transformation has gained more traction than ever (BCG). New frameworks, improvement approaches, and ways of working (such as Agile and digital transformation) are helping companies in very specific areas and markets manage constant

Organization Design

Benefits of Doing Organization Design in an Agile Way

Learn three ways that leveraging Agile principles can help you improve organization design work and unleash the potential of your best employees.


Using Test & Learn Approaches to Accelerate the Transformation of Your Organization Design

How do you know if your business model and organization design will deliver your expected results? There is nothing more frustrating than spending resources and time on an organization transformation effort only to discover, after much time and investment, that the desired results do not deliver the marketplace value you