Customer Satisfaction

Maintaining Customer Satisfaction During Change Transformation

The availability of countless tools, software and management systems, customized training programs, and strategic planning applications, makes it easy to forget the reason we have them in the first place.  The reason is the customer.

Holiday Wishes

Holiday Wishes

With so much difficulty and tragedy in today’s world, this little break to celebrate the holidays is welcomed while we ponder the hopes and wishes of the season.

External Measurements

Don’t Over-Focus on External Measurements

Organizations should look both inside and outside their organization to benchmark performance. Examine your measurement systems to see if you have effective means of assessing progress.

Organizations need to be aligned to support their growth strategy.

Is Your Organization Aligned to Support Your Growth Strategy?

Peloton’s rapid growth during 2020 also brought growing pains, as disgruntled customers waited months for equipment deliveries. These questions can help ensure your organization design is properly aligned with your growth strategy.