Business team discusses 5 best practices for COE

5 Best Practices for an Organization Change COE

To stay competitive, organizations today must be agile and adapt quickly to rapidly changing markets, technology, and economic conditions. Effective change management is therefore essential. Change management initiatives can be handled in various ways within an organization. Outsourcing is certainly an option, but another tactic that many organizations have used

Capability Building

Building Internal Capability for Org Design: Bridging the Experience Gap

Every organization likes to build muscles around their ability to facilitate organization transformation. Internal capability building in disciplines such as organization design, change management, and program or project management is an excellent way to do this. However, care must be taken to bridge the gap between theory and practice when

Organization Transformaiton

How to Build and Sustain Organization Transformation Capabilities

An organization transformation COE’s success ultimately depends on its people—and staffing presents a number of challenges to building an effective COE. In a recent post, we touched on the challenges of hiring good people for a COE. However, even once you assemble the perfect organizational restructuring team, you still have to


Why Resource Choice Matters in Organization Transformation

Resourcing is a perpetual challenge organizations face in driving transformation. Sooner or later, every transformation leader will find him or herself in the position of needing specific talent or resources other than those which are normally under their control. When this happens, they must look elsewhere for those resources. Not