Has Hierarchy Outlived Its Useful Life? Why We Still Need Hierarchy, and How To Manage Its Downsides

We need hierarchy in organizations. But in order to get the right balance, we also need to manage the downsides.

Organization design team driving transformation success through strategic leadership.

Strategic Leadership: Driving Transformation Success Through Choices & Trade-offs

Successful strategic leadership means asking tough questions to determine necessary choices and tradeoffs. Your answers will help differentiate your organization from the competition.

In business, use these key phrases to drive change conversations during a transformation

Three Key Phrases That Can Drive Change

For Alignment Leaders and Change Partners who want to be more effective in leading their change initiatives, here are a few key phrases to help start conversations.

Leader uses three must do's to achieve successful organization design

Three “Must-Do’s” to Ensure Successful Organization Design

If you manage organization design efforts as projects that require prioritization, focus and collaboration, you have a greater chance of success, as these factors are within your control as a leader.

Successful Aquisitions

Three Steps to a Successful Acquisition

These three steps are an effective way to clarify strategic intent, get teams aligned and develop and manage integration plans during an acquisition.