The People Puzzle: Fitting Talent to Design

Even with a great design, It’s the people in the organization who actually implement the organization design. These principals are critical to select a team that will achieve the right results for their organization.

Business team discusses 5 best practices for COE

5 Best Practices for an Organization Change COE

To stay competitive, organizations today must be agile and adapt quickly to rapidly changing markets, technology, and economic conditions. Effective change management is therefore essential. Change management initiatives can be handled in various ways within an organization. Outsourcing is certainly an option, but another tactic that many organizations have used

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The Most Neglected Aspect of Organization Design

When we are involved in major transformations, one of the first discussions leaders are eager to get into is the structure discussion . . . the new organization chart.  Leaders also give enthusiastic consideration to the major business processes of the organization. In fact, leaders easily see the wisdom of