Organization Design Is More Than an Answer

Three primary elements that must be addressed for an organization redesign: the blueprint; aligned thinking; and executing in the redesigned organization.

Minimizing Personal Agendas During Organization Design

Learn proven strategies to help individuals set aside personal agendas and keep everyone working together toward the common end goal of improving the organization as a whole.

Navigating Alignment in the “Neutral Zone”

Help employees transition through the neutral zone to a new organization alignment by explaining the hows and whys of the changes.

Leading Organization Design with Proper Timing, Tools, & Know-How

When implemented effectively organization design integrates people, systems, and processes by maintaining alignment with the overall strategy. But they key is remembering it’s less about nuts and bolts and more about hearts and minds.

The People Puzzle: Fitting Talent to Design

Even with a great design, It’s the people in the organization who actually implement the organization design. These principals are critical to select a team that will achieve the right results for their organization.

Don’t Give Up on the Matrix Organization – Make It Work

Matrix organizations are intended to improve efficiency and productivity in the face of complexity. Running scenarios is invaluable in helping executive teams fine-tune the matrix.

Business leaders discuss the principles of resource allocation

4 Principles of Resource Allocation in Large Companies

Considering these principles when making resource allocation decisions will help leaders reduce internal strife and come up with solutions that truly serve the best interests of the organization.

3 Principles for Effective Organization Resourcing

Ultimately, resourcing decisions come down to cost vs value. This needs to be considered carefully to ensure that resources are allocated in a way that best supports the organization’s strategic goals.

“I Have My Company Vision, Now What?”

Once you have truly identified your strategy or vision and are ready to build the six sides of your organization around it, you will have the foundation for a winning organizational design.

Organization Design Is More Than Structure

Examining all the elements of your organization is an excellent way to ensure that your organization design efforts take the entire organization into account and increase the likelihood of success.