Leave Sequestering for Juries: Avoid the “Secret Society” in Organization Design

You can avoid making costly decisions for your organization by getting clarity in advance as to the intended benefit of an organization design decision and how the it will be measured.

Business team discusses 5 best practices for COE

5 Best Practices for an Organization Change COE

To stay competitive, organizations today must be agile and adapt quickly to rapidly changing markets, technology, and economic conditions. Effective change management is therefore essential. Change management initiatives can be handled in various ways within an organization. Outsourcing is certainly an option, but another tactic that many organizations have used

Align your team's vision and goals with strategy

How to Align Your Team’s Vision and Goals with Corporate Strategy

Your organization’s design affects its ability to meet goals. Consider how the design impacts the outcome and differentiation to ensure that goals are met.

Information & Metrics

The Most Neglected Aspect of Organization Design

When we are involved in major transformations, one of the first discussions leaders are eager to get into is the structure discussion . . . the new organization chart.  Leaders also give enthusiastic consideration to the major business processes of the organization. In fact, leaders easily see the wisdom of

How to Build Your Team for Good Decision Making

In theory, if you put a diverse group of people together, they will think diverse thoughts. They will be creative, they will be additive to one another, and they will ultimately come up with a better solution, because the sum of the parts will be greater than any one part.

Organization Alignment Role

Tuning Functions to Their Proper Organization Alignment Role

HR, finance, and other functions play a vital supportive role in every organization. Like the air conditioning in a car, it isn’t essential to getting from point A to point B, but it sure makes the journey much more comfortable. Just as air conditioning with no engine or chassis or

Business leaders building capability for organization alignment

Building Capability for Organization Alignment: Beyond the Toolbox

The right organization alignment tools and methodologies are indeed valuable; they can help you see things you can’t otherwise, and provide a framework for solving problems. However, the right tool in the wrong hands won’t lead to success. When building capability in others, consider these factors to help them learn to use available tools in a way that makes sense for the organization.

Organization Metrics

Organization Metrics: A Key Lever in Strategy Alignment

In the book “Mastering the Cube,” we emphasize the idea that all aspects of an organization must be aligned to strategy for a company to be healthy.  One of the components of strategy alignment is how well an organization utilizes metrics to determine what is working and not working.  For

Organization Transformation

What Does an Agile Organization Transformation Journey Look Like?

After helping dozens of organizations improve the efficiency, quality, and success of their work processes using an Agile approach, we at AlignOrg Solutions are firmly convinced of the benefits Agile can bring to many companies. However, when we talk about incorporating Agile principles into organization design, we are in no

implementing organization change

3 Ways Organization Transformation Leaders Can Make the Most of the Holidays

The holidays can be a mixed blessing for those of us involved in implementing organization change. While it’s wonderful to get together with family and friends to celebrate the season, the additional social commitments add an extra layer of complexity to our already demanding schedules. Along with pushing to meet