Strategic Mindedness - Seeing the Forest Through The Trees

Strategic Mindedness: Can You See the Forest Through the Trees?

Six ways strategic mindedness or acting and thinking strategically, will improve your business outcomes and strengthen your leadership abilities

Leader uses three must do's to achieve successful organization design

Three “Must-Do’s” to Ensure Successful Organization Design

If you manage organization design efforts as projects that require prioritization, focus and collaboration, you have a greater chance of success, as these factors are within your control as a leader.

Working virtually to optimize business outcomes during COVID-19

5 Tips to Optimize Business Outcomes During COVID-19

Organizations cannot afford to put strategic initiatives on hold. Use this time to focus on ensuring that your company emerges on the other side of the current crisis in a better position for the future.

Accountability Mechanisms to Drive Organization Transformation

When kicking off a transformation, leaders need to hold themselves accountable as well as establish accountability mechanisms for everyone to ensure the best results.

Minimizing Personal Agendas During Organization Design

Learn proven strategies to help individuals set aside personal agendas and keep everyone working together toward the common end goal of improving the organization as a whole.

Managing Creative Friction in Your Project Team

Diversity on a project team drives innovation. Practicing these quick project team management tips can help your team stay in that productive middle ground, and set the stage for success.

Build the Right Project Team for Success

Diversity is key to creative genius—but there is more to diversity than most realize. Look for diversity in these 5 areas to get the best results from your small team.

How to Build Your Team for Good Decision Making

In theory, if you put a diverse group of people together, they will think diverse thoughts. They will be creative, they will be additive to one another, and they will ultimately come up with a better solution, because the sum of the parts will be greater than any one part.

Agile Organization Design

How to Structure Your Agile Organization Design Team

To fully benefit from an Agile organization design effort, you need effective teams and means of engaging stakeholders and customers. True to Agile principles, your team should be customer-centric, flexible enough to respond to market changes, and capable of producing design “products” that you can test and implement immediately. But,

Strategic Business Planning

Assembling the Right People for Strategic Business Planning

Having the right people on your strategic business planning team is essential for achieving desired results. Leaders should include people who are aligned with the organization’s goals. It is also advisable to have people on your strategic business planning team who understand and agree with the logic used in making