Three ways to avoid overbuilt HR COEs

Three Warning Signs of Overbuilt HR COEs

We examine issues that come with overbuilt HR COEs and explore ways leaders can avoid them.

Learn how three effective communication techniques for leaders

Effective Communication: Going Beyond the “Big Announcement”

Learn three key messages that can increase awareness and help employees embrace change.

Using data analytics to inform org design choices

Hidden Gems: Using Data Analytics to Inform Organization Design Choices

When we use data analytics to understand how an organization works, we can make design choices that help it then fulfill its full potential.

Is your CHRO caught in a game of strategic advisor vs. function leader tug of war?

Stretched Too Thin: Solving the CHRO’s Strategic Advisor vs. Function Leader Dilemma

CHROs are often charged with serving as the strategic advisor and HR function leader, leaving them stretched too thin. Learn about a possible solution in our blog.

A fraying rope is a metaphor for tension in a human resource function

Are These Four Tension Points Straining Your HR Function

Explore four common tension points that may be preventing your HR function from operating efficiently.

Three Tips For Getting Organized During a Restructuring

These tips can help you organize your restructuring effort and give your team a roadmap to guide them successfully through changes.

A good business operating system works like a set of finely tuned gears to support your organization's objectives

Four Steps For Designing an Effective Business Operating System

Learn how to design a business operating system that aligns with your organization’s strategy and helps address critical performance levers.

A foggy path is a metaphor for poor role clarity in the workplace

Is Poor Role Clarity Damaging Your Organization?

Poor role clarity lowers productivity and negatively impacts an organization’s culture. Through purposeful organization design, we can drive empathy in the workplace and improve business results.

Keep star performers engaged through employee development opportunities

How to Retain Superstar Performers in a Tough Market

Organizations face many challenges retaining their star performers in a competitive environment. Successfully managing superstars requires providing opportunities for growth and exposure.

Understanding the brain can influence satisfaction in the employee experience

Our Brains at Work: Using Neuroscience to Drive Employee Experience

Leveraging the SCARF elements enhances employee experience – even during tough changes – by considering how our brains work at work.