Are you ready to become an Alignment Leader?

Successful organization alignment efforts are the result of leaders embracing the role of Alignment Leader. All leaders have a responsibility to ensure their organization is aligned and capable of winning in the marketplace.  Some leaders instinctively know how to align their organization for success. For the rest of us, we need to develop the qualities of a good Alignment Leader. These qualities include:

  1. Understanding that choices/trade-offs need to be made
  2. Adopting an alignment mentality and maintaining the alignment of organization choices (e.g., strategy, work, structure, metrics, people & rewards, and culture)
  3. Driving change in choices and behaviors
  4. Building capability in others to be an Alignment Leader

To enable executives to become effective Alignment Leaders, they must master five key competencies. Alignment-Pie-full-5 cropThese competencies are as follows (click to explore each of these competencies):

Alignment Facilitator

Alignment Communicator

Alignment Innovator

Alignment Exemplar

Alignment Architect

How do you know if you have what it takes to be an Alignment Leader?

After exploring these five competencies and understanding the qualities of an effective Alignment Leader, you may be wondering how you stack up. Fortunately, we believe that the competencies of Alignment Leadership can be developed. We have created an Alignment Leader Self Assessment to help executives and teams gauge their Alignment Leader skills. Here is a short example of a few questions from our assessment:

Sample Assessment Questions

Please inquire about our Alignment Leader training for executives and our other consultation options for helping your organization achieve optimal alignment.

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