An Alignment Exemplar makes personal and behavioral changes necessary to be an example of the changes that are needed in the organizationAlignment-Pie-pieces-5-AE crop

  • Understands and uses visible, symbolic acts to illustrate that there has been a tangible shift in direction
  • Acts as a role model of the new behaviors needed and is visible and passionate in his/her public support for the change effort
  • Creates a sense of urgency around needed organizational change, encouraging others to embrace a new way of working

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Effective ch 130x130Effective Change Leadership Requires Action

What does an effective leader who envisions and builds an organization capable of delivering differentiated products and winning strategies look like?

the roleThe Role of Leadership in Change Management

Leaders aren’t immune to the pressure of people’s expectations. After all, employees look to their leaders for a lot – clarity, connection, and accountability- particularly in the midst of change.