Webinar: Getting the Most Out of Matrix Operating Models

Matrix Operating Model

Matrix management is a form of organizational structure in which employees report to multiple leaders, rather than just one. Matrix models continue to be effective ways to integrate multiple perspectives, including customer, product, geography, or function. However, businesses continue to grapple with how to make matrix reporting relationships and other linkages work. Additionally, two-, three-, and even more complex four-dimensional matrixes are as prevalent as ever.

In this webinar, we will discuss matrix dimensions and the most typical reasons for failure. We’ll delve into more specific strategic and operational matrix issues, and share a common framework for aligning leaders in a two-dimensional matrix structure. Finally, we will share the necessary elements of a successful matrix structure.

Join experts Todd Christian, Rebecca Ellis and Reed Deshler as they cover:

  • The common dimensions of a matrix
  • Primary causes of failure
  • “Strategic” and “Operational” matrix issues
  • A framework to align leaders when utilizing dual reporting
  • Leadership requirements of successful matrix structures


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