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Moving forward in times of crisis – whether COVID-19 or another disruption – does not have to bring business to a standstill. Whether the effort is a company-wide transformation, an organization restructuring, or creating a differentiated strategy, no business should pause critical objectives. By continuing critical work, organizations can improve their outcomes and help provide stability for their employees and the customers who depend on them.

Reed Deshler
Ken Thompson

Reed Deshler and
Ken Thompson
AlignOrg Solutions

At AlignOrg Solutions, our goal is to help clients continue critical work regardless of disruption in the world.  We believe organizations can’t afford to put strategic initiatives on hold.

Work Virtually With Us to Achieve Your Organizational Goals

Virtual facilitation provides you with AlignOrg Solutions’ robust tools and methodologies while replicating the collaborative meetings and shared learning experiences that make our face-to-face facilitation so successful. AlignOrg Solutions’ Virtual Facilitation Platform allows organizations to move critical work forward now and emerge stronger from this crisis. Our platform goes beyond video conferencing, allowing for dynamic on-screen partnering, brainstorming, and strategy development.

Through virtual facilitation, you can take advantage of your team’s remote work availability while making progress on strategic initiatives – something many busy leaders struggle to find time for during periods of regular business. As the business world faces an unprecedented level of change and uncertainty, use this opportunity to determine how to allocate limited resources, reprioritize work activities and pivot to meet the challenges of a post-COVID-19 world.

Schedule a complimentary call with us now to learn how virtual facilitation can help your team move forward during these turbulent times.

The facilitation and methodology used by the AlignOrg Solutions team was excellent. The virtual technologies were easy to navigate and created a seamless experience, enabling us to interact and complete activities in small groups just as if we were in a face-to face session.”

– Lynn Vike, Senior HR Director, Business Partner, Align Technology, Inc.

"Connecting by video enabled us to have valuable and engaging conversations to support the work.  The virtual collaboration tools allowed us to work together effectively in large groups and in smaller breaks-outs, with the added benefit of being able to return to the material to review and reflect between working sessions."

- Heidi Meyer, Senior Director, Human Resources, Diabetes Group, Medtronic

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