Organization Design Workshop 2021


Organization Design Workshop 2021Change & Transformation Pre-Conference Workshop: Realigning Organizations and Ways of Working to Achieve Transformational Results

June 14, 2021

Join this pre-conference event to discover innovative frameworks to design and lead business model transformations that help organizations achieve marketplace leadership.  Apply the concepts and frameworks to your own organization’s transformation challenges.

Looking forward, the one certainty all organizations face is that the nature of customer interactions, solutions delivery, and value creation will require new approaches, tools and leadership capabilities.  This workshop will provide hands-on interaction with proven frameworks and tools to design and lead business model change. Participants will learn new strategies for designing and implementing organizational change that enhances organization differentiation and agility.

This Pre-Conference Workshop is part of your registration for the Change and Transformation Conference, which will be hosted by The Conference Board  June 15-16, 2021.

Featured Speakers Include:

Reed Deshler, Principal, AlignOrg Solutions

Ken Thompson, Principal, AlignOrg Solutions

Workshop Topics:

  • Learn an easy-to-use framework for aligning organizations and building differentiating capabilities
  • Apply organization alignment tools to ensure that organizations and related choices enable new ways of working and deliver organizational value
  • Review a live case study about how a leading organization is transforming its operating model to deliver new, unique value to the market
  • Explore current trends and case studies in how organizations are adapting to new market conditions and making organization choices to differentiate from competition
  • Discuss how to help organization leaders adopt the competencies of an Alignment Leader® and how internal change partners can effectively work together to achieve successful transformation outcomes

Who Should Attend

This workshop is designed for executives and change partners responsible for large-scale transformation efforts. Expected titles include chief executives, heads, VPs, and directors of:

  • Human Resources/People
  • Organization Design
  • Organization Effectiveness
  • Organization Development
  • Change and Transformation
  • Business Capability
  • Business Performance
  • Strategy

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