Building Organizational Resilience - A Three-Part Series by AlignOrg and Deloitte

Re-architecting work to add value and meaning for people

The world is constantly changing. AlignOrg and Deloitte are helping clients prepare for challenges ahead by transforming their organizational structures and ways of working. Our joint blog series, authored by AlignOrg Principal Reed Deshler, explores how organizations can strengthen their resilience.

Part 1: Adaptability

Organizations must be proactive in transforming not only how they work, but also what work drives value for the workforce, marketplace, and society.  Adaptability is a key component to organizational resilience and building an organization that can move forward confidently regardless of what the future holds.  Read more.

Part 2: Re-architecting Work to Add Value and Meaning for People

Organizations can intentionally “humanize” work in ways that meaningfully engage workers to attract and retain top talent.  Learn how re-architecting work – deliberately designing work in ways that allow human capabilities to flourish and focus their collective energies – can help create desired outcomes for organizations.  Read more.

Part 3: Ways of Working

Companies not only need to keep their workforce productive but also keep it motivated and engaged or risk losing them to the tumultuous job market. Improving organizational resilience includes designing ways of working with humans at the center starts with involving the workforce in the design process itself.  Read more.

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