Five Leadership Mistakes that Can Sink Your Diversity Initiative

Leaders avoiding mistakes in diversity initiativesPublished Aug. 26, 2021 on Forbes

By AlignOrg Solutions’ Principal Reed Deshler

Why do some DEI efforts lead to real change, while others die on the vine? The answer often lies in the level of leadership commitment. When leaders are passionate about increasing diversity and improving equity and inclusion, employees pay attention. Likewise, leaders who are unengaged or who can’t communicate the need for DEI growth in a genuine way may sabotage the whole endeavor. 

In this article for Forbes, AlignOrg Solutions Principal Reed Deshler lists five key leadership mistakes that undermine diversity programs and explores ways leaders can sidestep these mistakes to lead their organization on to positive change. Read the full article to learn how you can increase the odds of a successful DEI effort by ensuring that leadership actions align with your desired goals. 

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Reed Deshler is a member of Newsweek’s Expert Forum and Forbes Coaches Council. More articles by Reed are available here.