Free Webinar: Executive Insights: What Will It Take To Implement Your Design?


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After you’ve spent time and money to develop your organization design, how will you successfully implement it in your organization? How do you ensure a new design will take root within your business culture? What resources will you need for implementation and how long can you reasonably expect it to take?

An unimplemented design expends resources and leaves potential benefits on the table. However, implementing a design remains one of the biggest challenges facing organizations today.

Attend this free webinar and learn exactly what it takes to implement your design, how long you can expect the process to take, and the benefits of full implementation:

  • Lessons from the Past: Avoid the most common pitfalls of design implementation
  • Who Do You Call: Learn what team member to use during implementation and how/when to use them
  • Transformation Science: Unlock and realize the potential benefits of your design through implementation
  • From Change to Behavior: How to implement a design that creates behavior change
  • Are We There Yet?: Creating a road map to design implementation

This webinar is a must for:

  • C-suite executive and senior business managers
  • HR leaders and organization and talent experts
  • Performance and change managers/succession planners
  • Anyone interested in improving the performance of their organization

Presented by Reed Deshler, Principal, AlignOrg Solutions

Executive Insights: What Will It Take To Implement Your Strategic Organization Design?

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