Commander’s Intent: Empowering leadership, from an Apache Attack Helicopter Cockpit to Corporate America


~ Recording Available On Demand ~


Great leaders know leadership means more than just assigning tasks – it means giving your team the knowledge and tools they need to independently find solutions and deal with challenges. When your team understands a project’s purpose as well as the acceptable risks and trade-offs, they’ll be empowered to reach goals. Those entering the workforce can use these principles to make sure they have the guidance, resources and parameters they need to reach successful outcomes.

AlignOrg Solutions Principal Ken Thompson will share ways that leaders and employees can use the military paradigm of Commander’s Intent to empower themselves and their teams to achieve success. Thompson is a former Apache Attack Helicopter pilot and commander and will describe how Commander’s Intent has helped achieve positive results during his time in the military and as a COO, president and principal in the corporate world.

This event will be hosted by Utah State University’s Jon M. Huntsman School of Business as part of their Power Up Series.

This live-streamed event will explore questions like:

  • How can you empower your team to act independently to reach goals when threats or challenges arise?
  • What must your team know about acceptable risks and tradeoffs to be positioned for success?
  • How can you help your team develop the critical thinking skills needed for independent problem solving?
  • How can you recognize and reward initiative?
  • How can employees entering the workforce use these concepts to empower themselves to reach successful outcomes?

Who Should Attend: 

  • Students
  • Emerging business leaders
  • Senior business executives/managers, organization transformation program managers
  • HR leaders and OE/talent/change professionals
  • Anyone interested in learning how to improve their leadership efforts