Employees have learned three steps toward aligning actions with organizational culture

3 Steps to Align Actions with Organizational Culture

Building on our recent post about the costs of a misaligned culture and what to do about it, today I want to go deeper and talk about the vital link between strategy, culture, and actions. Even if a culture fully aligns with an organization’s strategy, individual choices can weaken that

Business Model

Has Your Business Model Spawned a Monopoly Mentality?

As an organization grows, internal support structures evolve to handle certain services that are needed throughout the company. It needs HR to manage hiring and employee relations. It needs IT to keep the company’s technology assets running efficiently. It needs an accounting department to handle day-to-day financial functions. Teams across

Organization Culture

Is Your Corporate Culture Out of Alignment?

What do Starbucks, Zappos, Southwest Airlines, Dropbox, and Twitter all have in common? Each has a distinct corporate culture that infuses everything it does, from marketing to hiring practices to strategic decision making. If you’re familiar with the system we present in our book Mastering the Cube, you’ll recall that

Change Transformation

How Proper Diagnosis Leads to Change Transformation Success

The times of “stasis” in organization life are nearly gone, and the notion of being “Always on” transformation has gained more traction than ever (BCG). New frameworks, improvement approaches, and ways of working (such as Agile and digital transformation) are helping companies in very specific areas and markets manage constant

Executives aligning organization capabilities by cracking the M&A code

Cracking the M&A Code: Aligning Organization Capabilities

Deals are happening all the time – many with lots of hype from investors, analysts and executives.  The right acquisition can combine break-through capabilities to deliver distinctive capabilities to the market.  However, too often the promises of the deal never pan out.  Each week I talk to executives who are