Webinar: Overcoming the Hyper-Complexity of Today’s Global Organizations

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The tensions working on organizations are continuing to drive a need for scale and customization, global reach and local nuance, as well as speed and quality.  To respond, organizations have increasingly designed and implemented mechanisms, structures, and strategies to address all of these competing demands.

The most successful organizations are the ones who learn how to strip out unnecessary complexity and shift focus to the work and priorities that matter most.  By minimizing complexity, they unleash the productive potential of their organization.

Attend this free webinar to learn the critical organization alignment techniques that leading organizations use to simplify the complexity of their organizations and achieve marketplace success.

This webinar will highlight the frameworks, leadership practices and organization planning and governance mechanisms that will let executives and practitioners focus resources on the work that will drive results.  Specifically, we will explore:

  • What are the causes and consequences of organizational complexity
  • What tools and techniques can help executives reduce organizational complexity
  • How have organizations implemented complexity-reducing practices to enhance productivity and increase speed

This webinar is a must for:

  • C-suite executives and senior business managers
  • Organization transformation program managers
  • HR leaders and OE/talent/change professionals
  • Anyone interested in learning how to simplify the complexity in organizations