Webinar: Optimizing Shared Service Efficiency & Effectiveness

Organizations are always looking for opportunities to improve the efficiency and service levels of back-office functions like IT, HR, Finance, Procurement, and other business support services. Shared Service organizations make sense on paper, but often fail to deliver and sustain the promised efficiencies, service quality, and performance levels internal clients expect.  Why the disconnect?

While the root causes behind any organizational transformation failure can be multi-faceted, there are some proven steps and techniques for ensuring the success of Shared Service organizations.  Even if an organization has already set up Shared Services, it is possible to jump in and realign based on these principles.

So, what are the keys to developing successful Shared Service organizations?  What are the benefits of getting it right?

Attend this free webinar and learn how to design, ramp up, and operate a Shared Services organization that yields consistent, repeatable results.

This webinar will focus on helping executives and practitioners:

  • Understand the issues causing the gap between the promise of Shared Service organizations and the reality.
  • Learn the key organization design and alignment activities that will ensure a sound Shared Service organization.
  • Gain insights into the steps necessary for a Shared Service organization to enable your company’s business strategy.
  • Apply the change and implementation techniques that can help Shared Services move smoothly from blueprint to practice.