The Complexity of Designing Simpler Organizations

Webcast on March 7, 2016 03:00 PM ETTCB-Special-Webcasts

Nothing seems simple these days—organizations are balancing an increasing number of variables in an attempt to win customers and sustain marketplace success. They are trying to be global and local at the same time, specialized and generalized, service providers and Six-Sigma manufacturers, and the list of variables goes on. How do leaders confront the challenge of aligning their organizations for agility without adding being stymied by complexity? This webcast will highlight several concepts that business and HR leaders alike can use to simplify their organizations.

Who should attend: This webcast should be of interest to performance management professionals; human resources leaders; talent management professionals; senior business managers; those responsible for succession planning, employee engagement, or employee development; and those interested in maximizing your organization’s performance.

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