Dan Finch

Engagement Manager

A successful business management leader, Dan has over 26 years of experience across outsourced process management, finance, and software development industries. His broad experience includes 8 years as founder and executive of an outsourced process management firm, where he directed business strategy and oversaw risk management and human resources. His unique skillset helped clients identify their organizational strengths and deficiencies, supplement their own resources with outsourced solutions, and ultimately help them grow their businesses.

Additionally, Dan spent more than 11 years as a financial consultant, creating and presenting complex financial solutions – including portfolio analysis and corporate benefit plans – for businesses and individuals alike.

Dan’s dynamic and collaborative personality, sharp ability to recognize and solve problems, and outstanding communication and cross-cultural team management skills have led to his success as a business management leader.

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Japanese – Brigham Young University

Dan Finch