Why Your DEI Initiatives Aren’t Working

Learn why your DEI initiatives are not working

Published Oct. 4, 2021 on Fast Company

By AlignOrg Solutions’ Principal Ken Thompson

Have you tried to embed diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives into your organization, only to find that your efforts don’t lead to lasting results? If so, you’re not alone. According to an HBR report, many U.S. companies saw little to no improvement in key DEI metrics over a nearly 30 year span. 

In his debut Fast Company article, Ken Thompson explores common stumbling blocks that can prevent an organization from seeing DEI success. By countering those stumbling blocks with proven building blocks like using metrics to measure progress, making data-driven hiring decisions and using creative hiring tactics to recruit diverse candidates, you can make diversity, equity and inclusion an integral part of your organization’s culture.

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Ken Thompson is a member of the Fast Company Executive Board. More articles by Ken are available here