AlignOrg Supports Children in Need

A child's blood is tested by a monitor

AlignOrg Solutions continued its legacy of holiday giving with donations to two child-focused charities: the Blue Balloon Challenge and RODS HEROS. This tradition dates to 2016 and has previously included donations to organizations like the American Red Cross, the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) and the Guatemala Children’s Project.

The Blue Balloon Challenge helps provide children around the world with access to lifesaving insulin and diabetes testing equipment. The fundraising program was created by Medtronic to support Life For a Child, a nonprofit that provides diabetes care for children in 44 developing countries.

RODS HEROS inspires families to adopt children with special needs or other unique circumstances. Over the last decade, this nonprofit has helped set the groundwork for the adoption of 102 children, 83 of whom have Down Syndrome.

“We’re honored to support The Blue Balloon Challenge and RODS HEROS,” AlignOrg Solutions Principal & CEO Ken Thompson said. “Helping children live healthier lives and find loving families captures the true meaning of the holiday season. This one of our favorite AlignOrg Solutions traditions, and one we hope to continue for many years to come.”